What Does “Responsive Web Design” Mean?

What Does “Responsive Web Design” Mean?

Author: Jacqueline (FolioFLY Web Designer)

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the term, seen it on the internet, and understand that your website should be utilizing “Responsive Web Design”…but what does that really mean?

Responsive web design basically makes a user experience better, with website pages that automatically re-size to fit any size screen big or small. A responsive web design allows site visitors to have optimal viewing and interaction with your webpages so they can better see and read the text on each page. For example, if you view a website from your laptop and then look at that same site on your phone or ipad, you’ll see the site transforms the content into an easy to read format on the smaller device automatically. Remember, the site pages are built/coded to view differently by screen size.

Websites that aren’t responsive, that don’t view well on phones, ipads and mobile devices, can be a reason a site visitor doesn’t stay on your site. Another reason a user may leave your website is if your layout or menu options are confusing. If your site proves to be too much trouble to navigate, or the user has to keep scrolling the page to read your content, chances are you have lost a potential customer before you had a chance to showcase your business; it’s simply the nature of consumers who want information readily available at their fingertips.

Marketingland.com research states that as of 2015, only about 11-17% of websites are utilizing responsive web design. Even though it’s a just small portion of responsive websites out there now, it’s become a must-have website feature to keep visitors happy. In a world where the greater population carries a smartphone, and where Google sends more traffic from smartphones than desktops, it shouldn’t be surprising more and more webmasters are making their content mobile-friendly. If you haven’t started yet, pick one of the three site configurations which Google supports that works for you, and start towards that goal today.

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