Our Team Is Focused On Your Results.

FolioFLY Website Solutions is known for our patience, highly accommodating customer service, and focus on detail and quality. All of our knowledge, experience, and talent is in-house, based in the United States. As a team, we have a vast business background from startups to corporate across many industries, and enjoy partnering with our clients to grow and meet their target business goals.

How We Start A Project

  • We learn about your company.
  • We check out your competition.
  • We confirm your business goals, deadlines and budget.
  • We identify your target market.
  • We use mockups to confirm the exact site design, plugin, or mobile app you envision, THEN we bring the project to life.

Pre-Scheduled Reviews

  • At pre-set intervals you review your work-in-progress and provide us with feedback.
  • Our flat-fee pricing covers all edits within your project scope.
  • We make recommendations to help you make the best project decisions possible.
  • We are highly mindful of your deadlines and your project priorities.

Reliable On-Going Support

  • We are always available for questions, hands-on help, and emergencies.
  • We offer a no contract ‘name your own price’ monthly upkeep plan.
  • Monthly or ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing is always available.
  • We offer customized website training and effective post-build SEO.


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