We’re a boutique web company focused on real results, and it was a long road to get here.

When I FINALLY left the corporate world in 2005 to start a cutting-edge workforce-recruiting agency, I was frustrated with the web design firms
FolioFLY Founder Sandy Perilli

FolioFLY Founder Sandy Perilli,
chatting with Gremlin of the Mr. Mo Project,
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I contacted for advice. They billed hourly or charged high non-refundable fees for a simple initial consultation, so I rolled up my sleeves and bootstrapped my first company website on my own. When I was done, some small business owners experiencing similar frustrations with their own sites asked me for a bit of guidance. After helping them, people who knew those people asked me for assistance with their sites, too. Suddenly I was in the unexpected position to make more money from web design than from the recruiting business for which I built my original site.
With my new coding skills, a love of art and writing, a background as an Operations Manager at a Data Forensics firm, and Team Lead in a Big Pharma I.T. network and software compliance environment, I realized that founding a technology company was a natural fit. My technology background also complemented my education; first as an English major at UNH, which preceded a diploma in Network Engineering and Data Communications from Chubb Institute, and a Masters from Stevens Institute of Technology in Management Information Systems, with a focus in Project Management.
By 2010 with five years of web design and business development experience behind me, I set out to officially create a business-friendly web solutions service with an elite team of my own. In 2011, the team’s first member joined…our Graphic Designer Diana. Six months later our second Graphic Designer Taylor was brought on, and by FolioFLY’s second year in business our first software and mobile app developer, Alejandro, joined the team. In 2014, FolioFLY expanded even further to bring aboard a second website designer, Jacqueline. With the perfect team in place, FolioFLY Web Solutions is ready to reach new heights for each of our client partners.
Our team is always grateful for referrals received from our wonderful customers, many of whom are our original clients from when we first opened our doors. You are the reason for our success, and it’s our mission to always help you continue to grow your own business, no matter what.
FolioFLY is U.S-based and never outsources to other companies, because all our talent is in-house. Our goal is to provide each of the companies we have the honor to work with a responsive, knowledgeable, and helpful team, dedicated to growing your business. Whether it be a results-driven website, a supporting range of marketing materials, a mobile-friendly app, or search engine optimization, we are always mindful of your goals, deadlines and of course your budget. Call or write us today learn about how we can assist you achieve the results to take your business to the next level.
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