What Should A Monthly Website Maintenance Plan Include?

Not every company needs the same monthly maintenance plan. Your individual goals for your business and the type of site you have will drive what maintenance we recommend. Some website maintenance elements to consider each month are:

      • Required platform and plugin software security updates.
      • Swap out old images for new ones.
      • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization efforts.
      • Change page text to include search engine optimized words and new content.
      • Add or remove pages that no longer serve your goals.
      • Embed, change or remove video.
      • Refresh hyperlinks/links from your web site to non-competitive partner sites.
      • Run reliable daily, weekly, or monthly website backups.
      • Blog post updates. (you provide the blog post content)
      • Add, remove, or modify online products and categories.
      • Custom website sliders you can change each month to showcase sales, seasons, etc…

{ * Our ‘name your price plan’ applies to all WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify sites, and does not include our tested off-site website backups, database, or programming work. For those services, please contact us for a quote. }

Affordable Monthly Website Maintenance Services

Building a website and not taking steps to update it leaves it open and vulnerable to hackers. Not updating your pages with fresh content may affect how search engines determine your website ranks among competitors. Most importantly, a hacked or corrupted site without a reliable backup for restore can result in the complete loss of your company’s primary online presence. We save you time and money by preventing these problems before they start.

Pay-As-You-Go Hourly Maintenance Option

Starting at $85/hour

Many companies can handle maintaining the basics of their website each month, but need a bit of guidance when they get stuck. We are there to answer your questions, and you can pay based on only the time needed to get the information to you. Many times questions can be answered within 5 to 10 minutes, especially if we are already familiar with your site.
Other questions may take a bit longer to answer, but if we can save you money and point you to a reliable online resource to access the information you yourself, we will guide you where to look.

Cumulative annual client website uptime?


Same day response times for critical issues and questions?


Availability during emergencies?


Chance we'll treat your website like it's our own?


‘Name Your Price’ Website Maintenance Plan

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* Our 'name your price plan' does not include tested off-site website backups, database, or programming work. For those services, contact us for a quote.

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